Thélème Club napkins

Thélème Club napkins


No dinner party is complete without this set of four elegant napkins. Delicately screen printed on linen, they are both charming and functional. Each contains an extract from a story, and a guide to some enticing after-dinner delights, once one has politely dabbed the corners of one’s ‘oven’.

Based on an original design from London’s infamous Thélème Club the map is a thinly disguised guide to cottaging in 1930’s London. On them, public lavatories are marked alongside popular tourist attractions, such as London Zoo and Westminster Abbey. The toilets are charmingly represented by what appears to be jousting tents, perhaps intended to invoke a suggestion of two knights coming together wielding their erect lances. Mirroring this theme, two lavatory attendants, brandishing toilet brushes, can be seen reclining in the foreground.

Story on napkins

“No, sir” growled Mr Mumble, Doyen of the Thélème Club. “No not those napkins,” he said sharply “My guests, and I require the special napkins”. The word special pronounced with distinct singularity, though he was wringing out every drop of exclusivity it held………Not one for being caught off guard he quickly said: “But my dear boy do you know what you are getting into?” The young man replied “How bona to vada your dolly old eeke” and winked.

KEEPER’S NOTES: Each “tent” has been numbered and its corresponding co-ordinates, for you to find with the gay compass provided, sadly few remain.

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Product features

Composition: 100% Linen Union
Dimensions: 44cm x 44cm
Care: Ecowash at 30°C