Revuebar blind

Revuebar blind


This unique blind features our vibrant collage, which documents Soho’s iconic neons, and in doing so preserves the essence of a vanishing cityscape. The print includes the lost neon of Paul Raymond’s Revuebar, which in the 1960s was as synonymous with London as Big Ben or Tower Bridge.

KEEPER’S NOTES: London, like all big cities, has its abject spaces. Places where people can behave transgressively and where streets are layered with sexual experience. The Keeper considers that these streets, which helped to shape the people’s sexual identities, as a crucial London location. If they cannot live on in the contemporary city, they must be commemorated in objects. Viva la Soho!

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Product features

Colour: Vibrant Neon Print
Specifications: Supplied with metal fittings
Size: 90cm x 130 (or made to order - prices will vary)
Composition: Artex Canvas, mould and water resistant
Care: Wipe dry