Sexual Offences Act Loving Cup

Sexual Offences Act Loving Cup


During the VE Day celebrations of 1945, two soldiers met and fell in love.

Many years later, while working as potters in Stoke, they designed a loving cup, to mark the passing of a new law decriminalising homosexuality between men in England and Wales.

To the outside world, the pair lived as bachelor ‘flatmates’. Because of this the loving cup also stands as a symbol of their hidden love for one another.

Reproduced by English craftsmen using traditional methods, this piece is an homage to the original Loving Cup, the Sexual Offences Act 1967 and freedom.

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Product features

Each item is made individually by hand, so details are unique to your cup.

Colour: Cornflour blue, colour may vary.

Composition: Durable unglazed stoneware.

Care: Not suitable for dishwashers.