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The Museum of Sex Objects

The Museum is made in response to renewed interest in identity and sexual freedom.

Tracing our sexual past is not always easy, many clues are locked away in old documents or institutions, possibly thought too subversive.

The Museum of Sex Objects showcases these lost sexual histories through 15 curious artefacts, curated and narrated by The Keeper.

The collection of storytelling objects celebrate sexual heroes, moments and places. The pieces are like historical novels, woven from fragmented records and whispers.

The Keeper considers it essential to share these compelling tales of sexual history and identity from our collective past.

That is why, for Heritage Open Days, 18-22 September 2019, the present Keeper has transformed her rooms into a museum installation, open to the public for the very first time.


The makers

All our objects are lovingly made in England by the finest craftspeople.

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The last figurine makers

Third-generation makers from Stoke-on-Trent have lovingly remade the figurine of Gabriel Lawrence. Each piece is unique, assembled by hand using traditional techniques.

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Stoke Potters

Stoke Potters created the Loving Cup using long-established methods, such as sprigging — the process of placing contrast moulds onto the hand-cast piece. This technique has not changed since the mid-eighteenth century.



The Keeper

The Museum of Sex Objects is delighted to have as its current Keeper, Deborah Sim (1986-to present day). Rumour has it she inherited this prestigious position through the matriarchal bloodline. During, the Keeper’s time in office, she has been the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Coco de Mer and completed a master’s programme, specialising in Visual Culture and Gender Studies. In this custodial role, Deborah is determined to protect the stories of sexual identity we, as a society, are in danger of losing.

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The messenger

Throughout the years, the essence of the Museum’s mission has been protected by The Messenger. Communication is vital to the very nature of our storytelling objects, of which Samantha McGowan brings great experience. A communications and content producer who specialises in creative projects and strategy for nonprofits and small businesses. Her work includes major brand campaigns, festivals and events and global advocacy projects.

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